about grow

Designing with nature is full of endless possibilities. We seek to tell creative stories that reflect our wonder for biology.

The difference between living things and manufactured objects is essentialized in the one word: to grow. Leaves grow, cars don’t. Tadpoles grow, cell phones don’t.

Jason Kelly

CEO, Ginkgo Bioworks

what is synthetic biology?

Biology runs on digital code in the form of DNA, made up of A’s, T’s, C’s, and G’s, and we can read and write it to program cells. This allows synthetic biologists to reimagine the possibilities of living things, from bacteria that fight cancer to rewilding whole ecosystems. What can biology do? What might it do? What does this mean for our relationship with technology and the world around us?

how we’re doing it

Grow is a space to highlight current endeavors, investigate neglected histories, and imagine collective biological futures. We publish digitally and in print.

the team

Christina Agapakis

Executive Editor

Grace Chuang

Creative Director

Hannah Uebele

Managing Editor

Nina Garcia

Art Director

Joseph Fridman

Senior Editor

Ginkgo Bioworks uses the most advanced technology on the planet—biology—to help companies grow better products. Our cell programming platform allows us to design custom microbes, everything from materials to food to therapeutics. We power our labs with software and automation in order to widen our view of the biodiversity and the possibilities that nature holds. 

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