Table of Contents

A Feeling for the Organism

By Claire L. Evans

What it means to actually work with biology.

The Black Box Breakers

By Kavin Senapathy

Blowing the lid off of biological essentialism in medicine.

The Phantom Flower

By Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu

Buried under several layers of colonial agriculture.

A Tale of One City

By Lorena Ríos

How communities on the Mexico-U.S. border were failed by two governments.

Love Island

By Elvia Wilk

The perks of offworlding.

Mother Nature, Shareholder

By Christina Agapakis

How to build more equitable companies.

Towards Polyculture

By Beronda L. Montgomery

What the plant kingdom can teach us about creating a more equitable science world.

Biology's Sharp Left Turn

By Sophia Roosth

How radical biologists joined forces with the Black Panthers to challenge the politics of the life sciences.

The Turning Point

By Christina Agapakis

Big data is changing the meaning of public science, and how we see ourselves.

Consider the Moth

By Katy Kelleher

The beauty and horror of sericulture.

Who Owns Living Things?

By Sudeep Agarwala

Biological property in the age of synthetic biology.

Engineering Equity

By Aishani Aatresh

Empowering communities to reimagine synthetic biology.